Elevating Patient Care: The MedGeneRx® HP 30 PRP Kit for Healthcare Providers

FDA Cleared PRP Kit Specifications 30cc Protocol

Reproducible Concentrations from Consistent Platelet Recovery/85+%

Balanced pH

99% removal of RBC’s

5 cc’s high concentration PRP

15 cc’s mid concentration PRP

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Kit

MedGeneRx® is proud to present the HP 30 PRP Kit, an advanced therapeutic solution that’s setting new standards in regenerative medicine. As a medical professional, you understand the value of treatment efficiency and reliability. Our FDA-Cleared, Class II PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) kit embodies these principles, offering a state-of-the-art option for your practice.

Our 510(k) device, specifically designed with your needs in mind, integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows. Here’s how the MedGeneRx® HP 30 PRP Kit stands apart:

Effortless Collection

Thanks to our innovative vacutainer system, blood collection has never been simpler. The MedGeneRx® HP 30 PRP Kit eliminates the need for ACD-A, the traditional anticoagulant solution used during PRP preparation. This integration means you can streamline the process, reducing preparation time and enhancing patient comfort.

Industry-Leading Performance

Where the MedGeneRx® HP 30 truly shines is in its exceptional ability to deliver consistent results across three key performance indicators:

Reproducible Concentrations: Achieve over 85% consistent platelet recovery rate, ensuring that each preparation meets your exacting standards for concentrated PRP.

Balanced pH: Our kits maintain a balanced pH level, which is crucial for the stability and effectiveness of the PRP and patient comfort during injection.

Superior RBC Removal: Red blood cells (RBCs) are almost entirely removed, with a 99% exclusion rate. This exceptional purity allows the beneficial properties of PRP to be delivered without the interference of unwanted cellular components.

Versatile & Compatible

Designed with flexibility in mind, the MedGeneRx® HP 30 PRP Kit is fully compatible with your existing YES PRP centrifuge. It requires only a single spin of 30 cc’s of whole blood to obtain high-quality PRP, saving time and resources.

Dual Concentration Capability

Our kit provides unparalleled control over PRP concentration:

Extract up to 5 cc’s of high-concentration PRP for procedures requiring maximum growth factor delivery.

Obtain up to 15 cc’s of mid-concentration PRP for treatments that call for a more moderate approach.

Unmatched Convenience

The MedGeneRx® HP 30 has revolutionized the protocol for PRP preparation, empowering you to offer superior regenerative therapies with confidence and ease.

For the dedicated healthcare provider, MedGeneRx® HP 30 represents the next level of patient care—Science and simplicity combined to deliver the healing power of PRP therapy like never before.

Invest in the MedGeneRx® HP 30 PRP Kit today, where quality, consistency, and patient satisfaction are not just goals, but guarantees.

This content piece encapsulates the MedGeneRx® HP 30 PRP Kit’s benefits and features for medical professionals, focusing on its contributions to enhancing patient care and simplifying medical processes.