Laboratory Centrifuge for Sale

Laboratory centrifuges are crucial equipment in many research and diagnostic labs. They separate substances of various densities from a sample by spinning them at elevated speeds. If you’re in the market for a laboratory centrifuge for sale, you must consider several factors to ensure that you obtain the suitable machine for your needs.

Features of a Laboratory Centrifuge

Laboratory centrifuges come in various types and sizes, each with unique features. The standard capabilities to look for in a laboratory centrifuge include the following:

Speed: The speed at which a centrifuge rotates is measured in RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force or G’s) or RPM (Revolutions per minute. RCF is the global standard, whereas RPM is utilized in the United States. RCF considers the diameter of the unit to calculate the G Force expended by the unit. The range of a centrifuge varies considerably based on the laboratory’s needs and required tests.

Capacity: The capacity of a laboratory centrifuge determines the maximum volume amount of the sample size that can be processed at a time. It’s essential to consider the required capacity of the centrifuge and ensure that it can handle the sample size you need to process.

Temperature Control: Some laboratory centrifuges have temperature control features that allow you to set and maintain a specific temperature during centrifugation. 

Digital Controls: Digital controls allow you to set specific parameters and monitor the centrifuge’s performance during operation.

Safety Features: Safety features such as automatic shut-off and locking lids are essential for preventing accidents and maintaining sample integrity.

Benefits of a Laboratory Centrifuge

Investing in a laboratory centrifuge provides many benefits to your lab, including:

Efficient Sample Processing: A laboratory centrifuge can process large volumes of samples quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing lab productivity.

Separation of Different Materials: A centrifuge can effectively separate substances of different densities in a sample, making it useful for various applications, from blood testing to DNA sequencing.

Precision and Accuracy: A laboratory centrifuge provides precise and accurate results, making it a valuable tool in research and diagnostics.

Versatility: Laboratory centrifuges can be used for various applications, making them versatile and essential equipment in any lab.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Laboratory Centrifuge

When shopping for a laboratory centrifuge for sale, consider the following factors to ensure that you get the suitable machine for your needs:

  •     Purpose: Determine your specific required applications for the centrifuge, helping you select the size, capacity, and duty cycle.
  •     Sample Size: Consider the size and volume of the samples you will process to choose a centrifuge with a suitable capacity.
  •     Speed: The speed of the centrifuge will affect the separation rate, so consider the required RPM for your specific application.
  •     Price: Determine your budget and find a centrifuge that fits your price range without compromising quality.

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