NanoPen® Pro™: Ideal Microneedling Device for Better Skin

Microneedling is a practical, minimally invasive treatment that is gaining popularity for improving skin’s appearance. Our FDA-cleared micro-needling device, NanoPen® Pro™, might be considered as one of the best microneedling devices in the market today, effectively providing a safe and effective solution for addressing various concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

RegenOMedix™, a distributor of dermatological solutions, offers the FDA-cleared NanoPen® Pro™, revolutionizing skincare and confidence restoration. With an unwavering commitment to skin health enhancement, the NanoPen® is reshaping the aesthetics industry with its unmatched value.

FDA-Cleared NanoPen® Pro™ Results:
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Benefits of Our FDA-Cleared NanoPen® Pro™

From surgical scars to stretch marks, hypo-pigmented lesions,  and deep acne scarring, the NanoPen® technology provides outstanding results for various skin concerns.

Unveiling the Science of Micro-channeling and Skin Renewal

Enhance the penetration and efficacy of topical products through collagen induction stimulation, fostering revitalized and youthful skin.

By creating precise epidermal micro-channels that reach the dermal level over time, the NanoPen® ensures optimal delivery and absorption of active ingredients.

Accelerate the skin’s healing process, boosting elastin and collagen production to achieve skin tightening and lifting, unveiling a natural radiance.

The NanoPen® design allows for accurate and effective treatment of challenging areas around the lips, nose, and eyes, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

How Does It Work?

Our NanoPen® microneedling device uses tiny, sterile needles to create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. This action stimulates the body’s natural healing process, which triggers collagen and elastin production. These essential proteins help to:


Plump Fine Lines and Wrinkles

By increasing collagen production, the NanoPen® helps fill deep creases and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve Skin Texture

The micro-injuries caused by the needles stimulate the skin's natural healing process, resulting in improved texture and a more even tone.

Reduce Scarring

Microneedling breaks up scar tissue and promotes the growth of new, healthy skin cells, reducing the appearance of acne scars and other types of scarring.

Fade Hyperpigmentation

By stimulating collagen production, the NanoPen® can help lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and melasma.

Benefits of Our FDA-Cleared Microneedling Device

Why Nanopen Pro? Because it's the best microneedling device in the market today.

Our device is designed to be gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of complications and promoting a faster recovery time.

The device comes with interchangeable needle cartridges, allowing you to adjust the depth of the needles and speed of the device to suit your specific skin concerns.

The NanoPen® is simple to operate, making it accessible to professionals.

Clinical studies have shown our device to be highly effective in addressing many skin concerns, with noticeable results in as few as a single treatment.

What to Expect During Treatment

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Before treatment, your skin will be cleaned and prepared to ensure optimal results. In many cases, the use of an anesthetic is suggested.


The microneedling device will be gently glided over the treatment area, creating micro-injuries and stimulating collagen production. We often see the addition of Exosomes or Hyaluronic acid as beneficial to the outcome.

Post-Treatment Care

After treatment, your skin may be red and sensitive. A gentle skincare routine and sunscreen will help promote healing and minimize discomfort.

Get Ready to Unlock the Power of Microneedling

Our FDA-cleared NanoPen® Pro™ microneedling device is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their skin. With pricing less than almost half of our direct competitors, its minimally invasive design, customizable settings, and easy-to-use interface make it a practical and accessible treatment option for various skin concerns. Contact us today to learn more about how our device can help you achieve the radiant, youthful-looking skin you deserve.